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Tilghman Island Marina Waterway Boat Tours & Training

6140 Mariners Court Tilghman Island, MD 21671

410.886.2500 –

Monitoring VHF Channel 16 during normal business hours throughout summer months.

Waterway Boat Tours & Sightseeing – Tilghman Island is conveniently located on the Chesapeake Bay with many attractions just a short boat ride away. For example, just 2.5 miles northwest are the Poplar Islands, 5 miles further is Bloody Point Light House and 3 miles southwest of Tilghman Island’s southern tip is Sharps Island Light House. Then there is the town of Oxford along the Tred Avon River which is only 10 miles east, not to mention Harris Creek and Broad Creek in between. All of these shorelines are peppered with mansions, estates, farm lands and natural salt-flats packed with wildlife that make for spectacular views. It would take days or even weeks to totally explore all of these sights; however several in the same general direction can be visited within the 3 hours allocated for our standard Waterway Boat Tour.
For those preferring to spend a little less time on the water we offer a Tilghman Island Circumnavigation Tour which takes about an hour and if watching the sunset from a boat is preferred, we offer our end of day SunSet Drift.
In addition to our preset tours, we have also supported a variety of personal and specific customer needs including, the scattering of ashes at sea, wedding party boat rides, waterfront real-estate viewing, chauffeur/taxi service and even requests for boat rides to nowhere. The bottom line is that a captained tour is a great way to explore the area without the hassle of driving yourself.

Lighthouses & Poplar Islands – This is our most popular 3 hour preset tour which includes getting up close and personal with 2 lighthouses, a run through The Poplar Islands Harbor and a poke into Harris Creek. Once underway we’ll follow our west side channel markers to the deeper waters of the Chesapeake Bay where a course change takes us towards the Poplar Islands which are a little more than 2 miles northwest. As we pass through the harbor, Poplar Island will be on our left with Jefferson Island on our right. From there we’ll continue on a northwest course for about 5 miles to Bloody Point Lighthouse at which point we’ll turn south for Sharps Island Lighthouse, about 12 miles away. Our final leg takes us northeast into the mouth of the Choptank River, then up Harris Creek and back to Tilghman Island Marina via the east entry to Knapps Narrows Channel which means we’ll be going under the drawbridge.
Oxford & Tred Avon River – Our other 3 hour preset tour option includes a visit to Oxford’s Town Creek and the Tred Avon River where we’ll see an abundance of historic waterfront mansions that line the shoreline of Oxford which is considered one of Maryland’s oldest towns. After exiting the east side of Knapps Narrows Channel we’ll head east for about 8 miles to the Choptank River Light, then turn north for about 3 miles passing by the well-known Oxford/Bellevue Ferry with Oxford’s Town Creek entry just a few minutes away. Once inside we’ll circle the sedate harbor which is clustered with marinas, restaurants and private homes. At this point we can dock at The Scottish Highland Creamery for some of the most spectacular homemade ice cream and fudge if desired. We’ll then head back out onto the Tred Avon River for a 6 mile ride with some of the most extraordinary properties you’ll ever see lining the shoreline. On the return leg we can explore the mouth of Broad Creek and Harris Creek if time allows.
Tilghman Island Circumnavigation – Our shortest tour takes us around the perimeter of Tilghman Island providing extraordinary views of our Island communities, diverse architecture, wildlife habitat and waterman at work. After departing the marina we’ll follow the west side channel markers to the deeper waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Once far enough offshore we’ll head south paralleling and hugging the shoreline of Tilghman Island with architectural sights on the left and Bay views on the right. As we round Tilghman’s southern tip we’ll transition from the Bay into the mouth of the Choptank River where a turn north takes us past Blackwalnut Cove, a natural habitat for Bald Eagles and other birdlife native to our area. From there we’ll skirt the entrance to Dogwood Harbor, homeport to several well-known Skipjacks and finally meet up with the east side entry to Knapps Narrows Channel guiding us under the drawbridge and back to Tilghman Island Marina.
Sunset Drift – This area has a lot of choices when it comes to selecting an end of day celebration cruise. You really can’t go wrong with any because being on the Chesapeake Bay while the sun is setting is far superior to watching it from land. And although we do not run Sunset Drifts every evening as sea conditions, clouds and weather must be just right; if we are planning a Drift and have room, you’re more than welcome to come along. We typically depart from the Tilghman Island Marina docks about 45 minutes prior to sunset and are generally back within 30 minutes of its passing. This typically results in being on the water for a little more than an hour. As such, consider making dinner reservations at one of Tilghman’s waterside restaurants about 30 minutes after sunset to complete an evening you’ll long remember. So bring drinks, appetizers and friends for a personal party or just enjoy a little romantic time with your First-Mate before dinner.
FYI – We are limited to groups of 6; dogs are welcome. Plan on arriving at Tilghman Island Marina at least 30 minutes prior to boat’s departure time.

Powerboat Operation Training – For those of us who grew up powerboating, operating a boat is as easy as driving a car. Even if it wasn’t part of your childhood, experience can be gained through years of boating with family and friends. Just being a passenger makes learning to drive so much easier. For those without prior experience, gaining it can be difficult. Things like anchoring, docking, navigating and tie-up can all be overwhelming. The most obvious solution is to take a training class however hands-on classes are difficult to find.
For folks interested in sailing, it’s easy to locate sailing clubs or organizations that provide on-the-water sailing classes however there are not nearly as many places that offer on-the-water powerboat training. Of course the Power Squadrons, Coast Guard Auxiliary and a few others offer classroom instruction. Attending any of those is highly recommended as learning the academics is necessary but then you’ll still need the hands-on which is where our Private Powerboat Training can help.
So if learning how to handle an outboard motor boat is desired, then schedule a session with Captain Ron. You may even bring up to 5 friends to participate in the class for a minimal upcharge.
Our 2 hour session may be enough time if you have prior boating experience, are taking the course by yourself or just need some docking practice with coaching. On the other hand, if you have never driven a boat before or are bringing several friends to share the class, then the 4 hour session is best. Regardless of which is chosen, the majority of your training will be hands-on with you at the helm of a small outboard motor boat.